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Jigsaw Puzzle #19

In order to get your name on as the first person to complete the puzzle, you must give me either a line from the scene or the episode title. Screencaps would be ideal, but not everyone knows how to do it. So the first person to do one of the following three will go on the puzzle completion page: 1). send in a screencap of the completed puzzle 2). a line from the episode 3). the episode title. Thanks! I hope you enjoy! 

An ASK is the best way to get your answer in. But if you do a screencap,SUBMIT is the way. 

(Jigsaw Puzzle #19)

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All clues are quotes said by either Carol or Daryl. Some are Caryl specific quotes. And some are not. Have fun! 

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Bath time for Caryl. xD 


Bath time for Caryl. xD 

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Nine Lives Summer Survival Series: Challenge #2

You still have time to sign up to participate in Challenge #2! You just have to click HERE for details. I’ve signed up myself, and I hope to have my entry ready and beta’d before the deadline. Love to see a ton of you Carylers there when the fics are posted.

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I tried to make Daryl look serious and badass (in other words, not-cute) and I failed you Anon ;A;

Season 2 episode 1

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Squirrel Carol and Squirrel Judith. 


Squirrel Carol and Squirrel Judith. 

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Contest #4: Affection Winners

First off, I want to thank each and every one of our participants for taking the time to enter in the challenge. You may now release your pieces to the public. There will be a slight break between this contest and the announcement of Contest #5. If you have any suggestions for themes, please send them in for consideration. Thanks. 

NOTE: I will be contacting the winners to find out if they would like a tumblr graphic made of their choosing or five icons (also of their choosing). The first place winner will receive a banner to distinguish your entry as well as a tumblr graphic or five icons. The second place winner will receive a tumblr graphic or five icons. The other participants will each receive two icons (of their choosing). So be thinking what you’d like and respond to my PM in a timely manner. You can see past pieces here.


First Place - Lost and Found  by 
Second Place - He Noticed by 

Banners behind the cut (1st & 2nd place as well as a participation banner):

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The Hunting Trip

Author: shecantevenwalkyet
Spoilers: Between S3 & S4, reference to setting in The Grove
Summary: Daryl is worried about Carol.  He uses a hunting trip as an opportunity to reach out.
A/N: For TheCarylDaily Contest 4:Affection

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Lost and Found

Author: Lynn Saunders
Spoilers: Through Season 4
Summary: Seek and ye shall find.
A/N: In my mind, it is autumn at the end of Season 4. Beta by subversivegrrl. 

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Author - jenrussell131
Summary - Daryl realizes he’s under Carol’s spell.
A/N - Title comes from the song “Witchcraft” by Frank Sinatra

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