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"Carol’s hands are plenty dirty, but her morals are always clear."
Movie Cricket, 10/1/14 (via fairiesmasquerade)
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fairiesmasquerade said: Jigsaw Puzzle: Its the Season 2 poster of Carol & Sophia!

Look at you, fairiesmasquerade! you got it! <3 Thanks for playing!!!! 

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Jigsaw Puzzle #27

In order to get your name on as the first person to complete the puzzle, you must give me either a line from the scene or the episode title. Screencaps would be ideal, but not everyone knows how to do it. So the first person to do one of the following three will go on the puzzle completion page: 1). send in a screencap of the completed puzzle 2). a line from the episode 3). the episode title 4). What season the promo is from. Thanks! I hope you enjoy! 

An ASK is the best way to get your answer in. But if you do a screencap,SUBMIT is the way. 

PLEASE NOTE: From here on out, Carol and Daryl might be featured separately.

(Jigsaw Puzzle #27)

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To Build a Home || spintwinify

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"No Sanctuary is an action-packed, exhilarating return to the world of the dead (..) In terms of characters, it is difficult to tell you without revealing any spoilers. Just watch out for the evolution of Melissa McBride’s Carol. She has evolved from being a jittery house-wife, to a broken soul, to a hardened heroine to a ONE-WOMAN ZOMBIE CRUSHER"

Season 5. ep 1 - “No Sanctuary” Sep 29, 2014

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"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." - Ingrid Bergman
"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." - Ingrid Bergman
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Weekly Drabble Prompt #08

Please Note: There will be no reminders of this.


  1. you may write/enter as many drabbles per week as you like.
  2. they must be caryl centric (but may include other characters. including original characters).
  3. they can be extended scenes, alternate universe, etc. basically anything goes so long as its caryl-centric.
  4. your drabble must be 100 words or less. 
  5. tag your drabble(s) as thecaryldaily (the tag must be in the first five for it to show up in thecaryldaily tag).
  6. you have from Monday to Sunday to enter a drabble for that week’s prompt.
  7. have fun!

PROMPT: Forgiveness

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Anonymous said: Dear Carol, 'm sorry I didn't stick 'round before I left with 'chonne...Y'know I hate goodbyes. There ain't no damn way I'm gonna say one to you. I ain't gonna let this be the last time I see ya. I'll come back soon. Ya just stay safe.

Carol’s breath hitched in her throat as she read the hastily scribbled note. Her fingers moved along the pencil marks that was his chicken scratch. She smiled softly. “Nine lives. Remember?” 

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Anonymous said: Dear Daryl, I never let you know... but I heard what you whispered when you carried me out of the tombs. I know it was you who put the Cherokee rose on my grave... I never told you because I hoped you would eventually tell me. But I guess it's only fair you'll hear one of my secrets I kept from you - I feel the same way, too, Daryl. I have for a while now.

"Why you waitin’ ‘til now to lemme know?" he whispered. There was no way to know if Carol was even still alive, but he held onto that scribbled note like it was a lifeline. It was always pressed close to his heart. He’d taken it out and read it so many times. 

He wiped away a fallen tear and placed it back into his pocket. If he ever saw her again, he’d say the words this time. There was no promise of tomorrow.

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{Headcanon} Carol talked the kids into calling Daryl “Uncle Fester”. Turns out Daryl HAS watched the Addams family…

{Headcanon} Carol talked the kids into calling Daryl “Uncle Fester”. Turns out Daryl HAS watched the Addams family…

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